The Citizens’ Agenda 2019

Please see here for Citizens’ Agenda 2022.

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The mainstream media tends to cover elections in Singapore unfairly and in a really trivial way. This approach alienates people who want to have a real discussion about the issues. It treats citizens as passive participants to the electoral process. Citizens deserve better.

How do those who never have a chance to have a direct conversation with candidates and party leaders get their concerns on the agenda?

New Naratif announces a new initiative: The Citizens’ Agenda.

As an independent, reader-funded publication, we will find out what you, our reader, cares about. Your concerns will then be used to guide our coverage, alongside our existing evidence-based, in-depth articles on Singapore. We believe in our readers and we will report faithfully and honestly on the issues that matter to you.

To do this, we need to know what you think. Here’s how it works:

  1. We will survey our community and ask what issues are the most important to you:

In your opinion, what issues do you consider important to Singapore? What do you think the candidates should be talking about as they compete for your votes in the upcoming election?

2. We will analyse the responses and produce a list of issues, and then ask you to help us rank the top 5 important issues.

3. New Naratif will produce articles shaped by these issues across all of our formats. These will include in-depth, evidence-based longform journalism; research; explainers; podcasts; comics; and videos.

4. We will also take the top five issues and invite every party, and every candidate, to address these issues, and list all their responses on the New Naratif website. You will be able to search for any candidate by name and constituency and see how they have responded to the questions (or declined to respond).

Using this agenda, we will help ensure that the elections coverage focuses on the issues that you, or community, care about.

In Stage 1, 447 people told us all the issues they considered important. We’ve written an article about it here. You can see the anonymised raw data here and also see how we summarised the 447 responses into 28 issues here. Now it’s time for you to tell us which are most important issues!

In Stage 2, 678 people voted and picked the top 5 most important issues facing Singapore. You can read the results and analysis of all the results, apart from location, here, and the breakdown of location data (by constituency) here.

In Stage 3, we published articles on the issues raised. You can see all the articles here and they also have been compiled into a book, The Singapore Citizens’ Agenda.

In Stage 4, we ask the political parties about their views on the issues highlighted by The Citizens’ Agenda. You can see their responses here.

This iteration of the Singapore Citizens’ Agenda is now complete. Our thanks to everyone who participated and/or supported this in some way!