/ba.ca/ with New Naratif: Growing Together, A Discussion on Collective Care Event Recap

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Jessica Horn says it well in “Resist by Flourishing”, “well-being is not a luxury, it is an individual and collective need”. In the movement to democratize democracy in Southeast Asia, collective care is essential for the sustainability of the work we’re doing. So to kickstart the New Year, New Naratif’s team launched the third /ba·ca/ with New Naratif in January centred around collective care and how we may all embody it as we begin a new journey this 2023.

Growing Together: When was the last time you felt cared for?

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Another exploration of traditional elements, Korionto’s work sets itself under the hints of a post-apocalyptic world where abandoned temples host power cells and dancing can recharge batteries. But it’s not really the dancing that gives energy—it’s the collective care that queer people show one another, the care needed to be able to overcome their internalised transphobia and other prejudices, allowing them to love themselves fully.

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/ba.ca/ with New Naratif: Fostering Queer Communities in Southeast Asia Event Recap

Welcome to Community Corner, a space for our members to catch up on events that they have missed, read team recommendations, and write to us! 

On  28 June 2023, our community joined us for a heartfelt discussion about fostering collective care for Southeast Asian LGBTQIA+ people, in commemoration of Pride Month. Together with Asmara S. Wigati and Shaleen Chrisanne, we shared what it’s like living as a queer person in Southeast Asia, the struggles that come with it, and our hopes of creating more inclusive spaces for queer people.

This online session was dedicated to the queer community, whom we know rely very much on collective care and found families to survive. With increasing threats and criminalisation, collective care is more needed than ever.

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