Building a Mentally Healthy Community

Reetaza “Reetz” Chatterjee is the founder of Your Head Lah!, a mental health collective that aims to centre and amplify marginalised voices. YHL believes that being able to tell our own stories on our own terms and building community with one another are central to collective healing and liberation work. Reetz talks to PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han (Wake Up Singapore) about her own experiences with mental illness and her journey in figuring out her role in activism. Together, they break down the dominant narrative of mental illness being individualised, “disordered” responses, instead reframing mental health issues as valid responses to living in a capitalist world that is deeply unjust and violent. They also talk about the mental health landscape in Singapore and how YHL is making change through community care and fun.

Content warning: Mentions of self-harm and suicide.

You can visit “Your Head Lah!”‘s Facebook, Instagram or website for more information.

This episode is a collaboration with Wake Up, Singapore. You can find out more about them online on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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