Democracy Classroom

Our safe space to practice democracy

Since 2018, New Naratif has carried out Democracy Classrooms: A space where our community can come together to discuss complicated issues in a respectful and constructive environment. Covering a variety of topics and issues, a democracy classroom emphasises engagement and conversation, providing participants with a safe space and opportunity to articulate thoughts and practice democracy.

Anyone and everyone can join a Democracy Classroom; there is no basic requirement or qualification to sign up and participate. Our emphasis is on engagement and conversation; Democracy Classrooms are a space to practise democracy and articulate thoughts that you might not have had the opportunity to voice before.

Ask for feedback. Question one another, challenge one another. Engage and contribute to the discussion in good faith. This is a chance to express, but also to listen. Join an upcoming Democracy Classroom, and be part of a bigger conversation today!

Empower yourself

Democracy Classrooms cover a wide range of topics and issues. Interested in learning more about a specific issue, via constructive discussion and sharing of different perspectives? Want to voice out your thoughts on the subject or ask a question you’ve never had the chance to do so, in a safe space? Our Classrooms are a great place to practise democracy through articulation and conversation.

  1. Stay tuned for our upcoming Classrooms (DCs)
    Subscribe to our newsletter, social media, or check our upcoming events page for the latest announcements on any upcoming DC!
  2. Sign up for the DC
    It’s as simple as a click of a button! Members can join for free; if you’re not yet a member, you can purchase a ticket that also comes with one month of free membership.
  3. Prepare for the topic
    Familiarising yourself with the context of the topic/issue is a great way to prepare your thoughts prior to the DC. After signing up, you should be provided with a handy reading list should you be interested in learning more about the subject.
  4. Actively engage in the session
    Be present, be curious, and be a part of the conversation during the DC!
  5. Bring the discussion to your community
    The conversation doesn’t have to end when the DC does. Feeling inspired or empowered after a DC? Share your thoughts with your community and take further action to bring about change!

Our upcoming Democracy Classroom

How Our Democracy Classrooms Work

Democracy for everybody

At New Naratif, we apply our 3-steps process to our projects, programs, and initiatives. Here’s how it works for our Democracy Classrooms.

Activism isn’t a monolith

We are strongest when we work together. Through conversations and discussions in Democracy Classrooms, we bring together communities and groups of individuals to engage in collective action for positive change (even with differing and contrasting opinions!)

Knowledge is power

We prepare reading lists and materials for our Democracy Classrooms to provide context, further information, and deeper insights into each topic. We believe accessible knowledge is vital for a constructive discussion, especially about the important issues that we collectively face.

Organise, not mobilise

The conversation doesn’t end when the DC does. We hope our Classrooms inspire action, provoke thought, and empower more individuals to continue the conversation among their communities, and create change in many different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Democracy Classrooms?

Anyone and everyone can join a Democracy Classroom; there is no basic requirement or qualification to sign up and participate. As long as you have an interest in the session’s topic, issue, or subject, you are curious or would like to explore further perspectives, or even if you are keen on developing your thoughts and opinions (and practice articulating them!) then you are welcome to sign up!

Do I have to pay to join the Classrooms?

Democracy Classrooms, like all New Naratif events, are free to join for members. For non-members, you can purchase a ticket that allows you entry for the specific session, and it also comes with a one month membership!

Are the Classrooms available online?

Some of our Democracy Classrooms will be held online (via Zoom). It will be stated on the DC’s event page whether or not it is an online session or a physical/in-person Classroom. Members can access past-DC recordings via the Community Corner as well.

I cannot speak very well/am shy to speak in public. Will that be an issue when participating in a Democracy Classroom?

That’s perfectly fine! A DC is a non-judgmental, safe space after all, and there will be alternative ways for participants to share their thoughts aside from just speaking. We are all here to practice democracy, articulation and expression of thoughts, and constructive conversation after all.

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