Information for Contributors

New Naratif aims to be as friendly to our content creators as possible. This page aims to summarise the terms on which we license work, and our content creators’ rights.

Your Rights as a Content Creator and the Rights You Grant to New Naratif

  1. You, the Content Creator, are the owner of your work. You grant permission to New Naratif to publish the work anywhere in the world, in perpetuity (It’s on the internet, so it will be accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, forever!).
  2. You also grant us the right to
    • print your work in printed periodical versions of New Naratif and/or any Anthology or “Best of” versions;
    • adapt your work into other formats, including but not limited to comics, audio formats, video formats, and Explainers;
    • translate your work into English if it was originally not produced in English;
    • translate your work into Bahasa Indonesia if it was originally not produced in Bahasa Indonesia; and
    • translate your work into any other non-English language. We will ask you for your written permission to translate. To avoid publishing delays, you will have 7 days to respond to our request for translation. If we do not hear from you after 7 days, your permission for the translation is automatically granted. We will endeavour to inform you as early in the editing process as possible if we wish to translate the story.
  3. This grant is non-exclusive: after the exclusivity period (see Point 4 below), you can sell the rights to it to anyone else you choose. You retain all rights to your work. We will acknowledge you as the author of the work wherever we publish the work.
  4. Exclusivity period: You grant New Naratif a full exclusivity period of three months, starting from publication or release of the work, during which you won’t publish or let anyone else publish the work. You also grant New Naratif a commercial exclusivity period of one year, starting from publication or release of the work, during which you may publish your work elsewhere but not for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to decline publishing your story without paying a compensation fee if you publish or plan to publish the same or a similar story at another outlet within that period.
  5. We will not pay any fee for work that contains plagiarism.
  6. If the work can’t be published directly but first has to be adapted (e.g. a script that we would have to record), then you grant New Naratif the right to adapt the work into the specified format.
  7. We may make your work more accessible for people living with disabilities. For example, adding captions/subtitles to videos; adding transcripts for podcasts; having large type formats for written stories; etc.
  8. We may utilise your work, in whole or in part, for use in advertising, publicity, events, or other activities in connection with the publication of your work, related works under New Naratif, or New Naratif as a whole.
  9. We may also invite you to participate in an interview with us, in audio or text format, as well as our events, such as online or offline discussions. We want to encourage interaction between our audience and our content creators. Your participation would be voluntary.
  10. Third-party grants: If you have received a third-party grant to produce the story you pitched New Naratif, please make this clear in your pitch, and in particular, please notify us of any publishing stipulations immediately.


Please be aware that we do not publish breaking news. We decide on pitches on a rolling basis, but it may take up to 15 working days (around three calendar weeks) to respond to your pitch. Once we accept a pitch, it typically takes one to two months before it is published. We have a small editorial team, thus limiting the speed at which we can work, and we also sometimes translate or illustrate stories.

Style and Citations

New Naratif publishes in British English—please standardise (don’t standardize 😆)! Please refer to our style guide, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

For research articles, we default to APA citation style, but if you work is not suitable for that style—for example, if it has a lot of citations of primary documents, you may use another style, as long as it is consistently applied throughout the article and it can be supported by our website.

Payment Terms

New Naratif shall pay you a fee for the right to license your work. However, we reserve the right to not publish the work. If we decide to commission your work, but during the editing process, the editor overseeing your work decides that we cannot publish your work, then we will pay you a compensation fee in proportion to the amount of work you have completed.

Following the Editorial Manager or relevant Editor signing off on your work as complete, you must provide an invoice for the agreed price. Payments are usually made on the first working day of the week, but sometimes delays happen. We commit to paying contributors within 30 days of receipt.

Please download our invoice template to submit your payment details. To ensure a timely transfer, please include all the payment details requested in the invoice template. Failure to include the necessary details may lead to delays in payments.

We generally pay via Wise to your bank account. In some instances, we have found that international bank transfers incur a high level of SWIFT transfer fees from intermediary banks. In those countries, we can also pay via PayPal or Western Union.

We will send you the exact amount you are owed, but you are responsible for all bank transfer fees. We can also pay via direct bank transfer within the UK (New Naratif is a UK-registered company). If you are in the UK, please include your Sort Code and Account Number with your invoice.

Last updated 28 September 2022.