Staff Reporter – Singapore

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We are seeking a Singapore-based reporter to join our editorial team and produce in-depth features about politics, civil rights and labour issues in Singapore.

This role was created with support from New Naratif members and donors to ensure that Singapore, in the wake of recent government measures that amount to official censorship, remains home to an independent press. 

The Role

The staff reporter will produce at least 2 written articles every month, including pitching, researching, interviewing sources and writing. The reporter will also contribute to other New Naratif outputs, including comics, podcasts, videos and events.

The reporter will be based in Singapore and, as a member of the editorial department, will attend weekly meetings and report to New Naratif’s editor-in-chief.


  1. To investigate and expose injustices committed by institutions of power against workers, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable populations.
  2. To produce and break stories that inform interethnic, intercommunal and class solidarity against authoritarianism in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia.
  3. To explain and explore the hidden and unconscious forces that shape how Singaporeans and other Southeast Asians think and act.


  1. Produce written features. Duties include:
  • Pitching, researching, interviewing sources and writing at least 2 articles (1,000-1,500 words each) per month;
  • Working with relevant editors to adapt written features into other New Naratif formats (podcasts, comics, videos, events);
  • Sourcing at least 2 images per feature;
  • Other duties as necessary for the production of written features.
  1. Participate as a member of New Naratif’s editorial team. Duties include:
  • Participating in weekly editorial meetings;
  • Participating in weekly New Naratif team meetings;
  • Participating in cross-department meetings involving the editorial department; 
  • Providing personal insights to strengthen New Naratif’s overarching vision as an organisation; 
  • Complying with New Naratif security protocols, including participating in security trainings, and providing support to team members in the event of a security crisis; 
  • Being an ambassador for New Naratif in the public sphere (with support from the community department); 
  • Setting a positive example of the moral and political values espoused by the organisation; 
  • Other tasks as necessary to achieve the goals of the editorial team.


Reporting, editing and research skills. The reporter must have native-level English ability (spoken and written) and be able to write and edit 1,000+ word narrative features. The reporter should, preferably, be bilingual in English and a Southeast Asian language.

Experience editing or producing audio, photo, video and other visuals is desired.

  • What does your journalism experience include? (Please include links to your portfolio and your three best clips in your response.)
  • Do you have any story ideas you would like to develop in this role? (New Naratif will not steal your story ideas.)
  • Do you have a network of potential sources who would help you find stories? Or, how would you develop sources and build relationships with them?

Being rooted in Southeast Asia. New Naratif is first and foremost a platform for the people of Southeast Asia to imagine and create a better Southeast Asia. You need to love and understand this region and its history, in all its complexity and diversity. You need to be willing to learn, explore and grow alongside this region. It means you need to look beyond the borders and boundaries which are currently imposed on us. We want you to live in Singapore and be connected to its communities and everyday experiences. 

  • What does Singapore mean to you?
  • How can journalism empower people in Singapore?

Due to our remote, online working environment, you have to be responsible, communicate and collaborate well online, and be willing to work from home or your own office. 

​​This role is full-time (40 hours/week). Salary is SG$3,000/month.

If you would like to join New Naratif and take on this exciting professional challenge, please send an email to PJ Thum, our managing director, at pingtjin.thum AT AND Jacob Goldberg, our editor-in-chief, at jacob.goldberg AT with your CV, a cover letter answering the five questions above, three samples of your best written work, and the names and contact information of at least two professional referees.

Applications will close on 1 November 2021.