Media Freedom Voices Series

Media Freedom Voices Series

Despite their claims to being a democracy, Southeast Asian governments are known to use various means to silence dissent and criticism. Suppression against the media has become the state’s preferred tool in threatening the freedom of expression and upholding the status quo.

In New Naratif, we believe that the first step to change is providing a space to amplify voices, build solidarity, and foster discussion on commonalities of abuse and oppression across borders. Below you’ll find the voices of media freedom from journalists across Southeast Asia, covering their lived experiences in the field of journalism and their various struggles against oppression.


Philippine Independent Journalists Tread a Climate of State Intimidation and Anti-communism

The existence of alternative media in the Philippines is crucial since most of the mainstream media companies are owned by conglomerates or political families and only serve their interests. While the Philippines’ government sees alternative media as a threat, they continue to red-tag independent media workers, which sometimes leads to harassment and criminalisation of media…

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