Privacy Policy

New Naratif cares about the privacy of our members and their data. This document explains our principles, the criteria we apply to the collection of data, what data is being collected, and why.


Our privacy policy is underpinned by the following four principles:

  1. We only collect information which we are required by law to collect, or which is necessary for the proper functioning of our platform.
  2. We never sell this information to third parties.
  3. The purpose of the collection must be clearly explained to our members.
  4. Members should, where possible, have control over the data.

To uphold these principles, four criteria must be met:

  1. Do we need this information for the proper functioning of our platform and/or are we legally required to collect and store this information?
  2. Have we explained this clearly to our members?
  3. If there is no legal obligation, did you as a member, authorise the collection of this information?
  4. Is the data safely and securely stored?

Only when we answer “yes” to all questions do we then collect, store, and use your personal data.

What data do we collect?

We currently collect the following data and personal information:

Administrative details

This type of data is required for the proper functioning of our service or to comply with the law. You are of course free to create an untraceable email address and to change your password at will.

  • Name: Required for administration (and because we do not allow anonymous members).
  • E-mail: Required in order to communicate with you and for you to log in.
  • Password: Needed to give you access. The password is stored securely (encrypted using cryptographic hash).
  • Date your membership started: Required for our administration.
  • The country where you live: Required for tax administration.
  • Your payment information: Required to collect your membership fee.


We place cookies for two purposes:

  • Logging in: We will have use a cookie to make sure you stay logged in, and therefore do not have to re-log on each visit.
  • Analytics: We use Google Analytics and Parsely.

We will never place cookies for customisable ads (we are, and will always remain, advertising-free).

Please note that cookies from third parties are loaded when you click on the relevant service. Please see each link below for their relevant privacy policy.

  • Anchor: This service is used to play podcasts.
  • YouTube: This service is used to play video.
  • MailChimp: This service integrates with our mailing list.

Third-party services

We use the following third-party services:

  • Adobe Typekit: This service is used to display the proper fonts. It does not place cookies, but does gather information. Click the link to see the information it collects.
  • Stripe: This service is used for processing of payments. It gathers personal and financial information about you to effect payment. We do not keep any of the information it collects (apart from that listed above). Click the link to see the information it collects.
  • G Suite: New Naratif’s backend uses G Suite, including GMail, Google Docs, and other Google Apps.
  • Zapier: We use Zapier to automate certain functions in our backend. Zapier provides us these services for free as we are a non-profit, and in exchange, we display their logo and link to their website:
zapier-logo - New Naratif

Thank you for taking the time to learn about New Naratif’s Privacy Policy! Please send comments, questions, and feedback to


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