Quarantined Feelings: A Short Film

Still image from the short film "Quarantined Feelings" showing two health workers in hazmat.

In this short film produced in collaboration with BEBESEA, Bradley Jason Pantajo tells us a story of a mother separated from her family and dealing with physical, psychological, and emotional isolation that OFWs and their families face.

After an unvaccinated passenger from the plane she’s on tested positive for COVID-19 a middle-aged OFW mother has to stay in a hotel room as part of a quarantine procedure. As she tries to survive the alienating process of self-isolation, she also needs to deal with her inner turmoil as she tries to fix her slipping relationship with her daughter.

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This story was produced in collaboration with BEBESEA as part of our Story Fellowship programme. Throughout April and May 2023, we release one story every Wednesday. Make sure to stay tuned!

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