Singapore General Election 2020

New Naratif is committed to bringing our Singaporean members the information that they need to make informed decisions. As we explained with The Citizens’ Agenda, we do not cover the day-to-day “horse race” of an election, but rather focus on the forces which shape the world around us. Our coverage focuses on explaining how elections are run in Singapore, and in particular the structural issues which undermine democracy and accountability; and the issues which our community in Singapore have told us are the most important issues facing Singapore. The Top 5 issues identified in The Citizens’ Agenda are listed below, along with other selected issues. We hope our readers will use these articles to discuss the issues and vote wisely.

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For an introductory note, please see: A Note from the Managing Director: New Naratif’s Coverage of the Singapore General Election 2020

From “What is Politics?” by Maya Schmidt

Elections and Singaporean Democracy

The Basics: Our Explainers on Political Concepts

Important Issues: An Overview

1. Transparency & Accountability

How do we increase transparency and accountability from elected officials/ civil servants, and work to prevent corruption and abuses of power? How do we increase independent scrutiny of officials and expenditure? 

Freedom of Expression, Disinformation, Privacy, and Media Literacy

The Oxley Road feud, and what it tells us about transparency and accountability in Singapore

2. Destructive Politics

Why does the PAP government have such hostility towards honest criticism? How do we have respectful, constructive conversations/actions when the PAP censors/bans everything they disagree with? Why do they treat us like infants?

Citizenship participation, and how it is discouraged or suppressed

Art by Dianna Sa’ad; Nadhir Nor; Charis Loke

3. and 4. Inequality, Cost of Living & Poverty, and Social Welfare

How do we end the systemic and structural discrimination that has led to drastically increased inequality? How do we create a fair society that gives opportunity to all – Minimum wage? Social welfare? Universal income/healthcare? What should be done to address the rising cost of living. How do we eliminate poverty and homelessness in Singapore? Why are rents/housing costs so high? How is it we are such a rich country and yet there are so many poor people?

Political Agenda 2 - New Naratif
Faris Joraimi and Aisyah Amir at the recording of New Naratif’s Political Agenda

5. Discrimination

How do we end all systemic and casual discrimination in Singapore? How do we protect of rights all minorities (including race, national origin, language, ancestry, citizenship, religion, creed, SOGIESC (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics), marital status, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, etc.)? Does CMIO & other official discrimination make things worse?

Gender Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

Singaporeans voting in 1955

Religious Discrimination

Age Discrimination

The Continuing Impact of Colonialism

Art by Tuan Nini

6. The Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Resources

How do we deal with the impending climate crisis? How do we decarbonise? How do we end our role in the oil and gas industry? How do we meet the Paris goals? Why are we reclaiming so much land? How do we increase recyclability?

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