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Stories of Migration Across East and Southeast Asia

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At the end of October 2022, New Naratif in collaboration with BEBESEA invited members of migrant communities in or from Southeast and East Asia, individually or collectively, to pitch their ideas for original creative works telling stories of migration across these regions. From almost 50 applications across 15 different countries, these are the seven stories we’ve selected and developed.

Header image illustration by Alanis Mah.

Documenting the Undocumented: The Struggle for a Legal Identity

Illustrated by Alanis Mah, Aime Marisa’s piece brings you the personal stories of three stateless people in Sabah and the challenges they face.

Santa Ana: Stories by the Riverside

Levi Masuli hosts an audio documentary telling the story of former migrants turned riverside vegetable farmers in Santa Ana of the Rizal Province, Philippines.

Header of SEAD Bebesea Santa Ana: Stories by the Riverside
Header image by Erin Abanador

The Journey of a Filipino Seafarer in Taiwan

Sherry Wang, Yuji de Torres, and Erin Abanador present a short comic telling the story of Kuya Ver, a Filipino seafarer in Taiwan suffering from abuse that led to a crewmate’s death and almost his own.

Fighting Forward

Ali Reza Yawari shows us the life of a refugee lost in the middle of a country that doesn’t acknowledge his status as he finds himself through Taekwondo.

Header image of Fighting Forward by Ali Reza Yawari

The Shadows Floating Along the Mekong

Via words, photography, and illustrations, Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai tells the story of a Vietnamese Cambodian couple forced to abandon their home on Tonle Sap Lake and move to Vietnam, becoming stateless.

Quarantined Feelings

Bradley Jason Pantajo tells us a story of a mother separated from her family and dealing with physical, psychological, and emotional isolation that OFWs and their families face.

Still image from the short film "Quarantined Feelings" showing two health workers in hazmat.

Where is Home?

In five short chapters, Glory tells the fictional story of a 12-year-old boy whose life completely fell apart during Myanmar’s military coup. Illustrated by Adriena Fong. Reader discretion is advised.

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